Sovereign Skatepark is an exciting project to build a new skatepark on the seafront in Eastbourne, working with award winning developers Clark & Kent Contractors, who amongst a huge portfolio from across the world, designed and built the 2012 Olympics BMX courses.

The project will see the creation of a concrete skatepark just up the beach from the location of the old skatepark that was removed in 2016. Consultation was undertaken across Eastbourne and online with 1970 people responding to the survey. The designer then attended a workshop with local riders,and considered the priorities from the consultation results in conjunction with the topography of the site and the budget for the project to produce the approved design.

You can find out more about Clark & Kent Contractors here


Some headline data from the survey:

  • 1970 responses
  • A large majority of respondents said they were under 18
  • 54% of respondents said they are from Eastbourne, with a significant number of the remainder stating they're from nearby areas
  • The most important elements people want to see are boxes and bowls

You can download a full report of the survey here.