Thanks to all that responded to the consultation we had a great response with 1970 people getting involved.

Headline Data

  • 1970 responses to the survey
  • 54% of respondents indicated they were from Eastbourne. Additionally a significant
    amount of the remainder indicated they were from Polegate or nearby BN,TN and
    RH postcodes.
  • The majority of respondents indicated that they ride every day, and the majority of
    the responses came from scooter riders and there was a good mix across the other
  • Hampden Park was the most popular local skatepark followed by Gildredge and
    Shinewater. Further afield the popular outdoor parks were Polegate, Lewes,
    Hastings, Uckfield and the Level. Indoor parks namely Source Skatepark in Hastings,
    Adrenaline Alley Skate Park in Corby and Rampworx in Liverpool were also popular.
  • The number one priority elements that people want to see in the new park are boxes
    and bowls
  • Looking at the preferences across six priority items the following are the most
    important elements for the new park
    - Box(es) Bowl(s)
    - Spine Half Pipe
    - Street section Volcano
    - Ramps Rails Obstacles Hubba
  • When asked to consider a Signature Element for the park there was no one item that
    was statistically significant. People generally considered the elements like the bowls
    and boxes would be the parks ‘signature’ though there was comments regarding the
    sea/beach that could be considered in the design
  • Unsurprisingly the respondents considered the ‘flow’ of the park to be the key
    element is the design of the new skatepark. Also for consideration by the designers
    will be the transitions and the clever use of obstacles. Somewhat surprisingly seating
    was also considered to be a key element in the design.