Eastbourne Borough Council is proposing to build a brand new skatepark on the Seafront by the Sovereign Centre. The old park was very popular but was removed in 2016 due to safety concerns.

Survey Responders - Thank You

Thank you to all those who completed the survey. We had an overwhelming response, 1970 completed surveys in total!

This gives us a fantastic amount of user input, ideas, and data to draw upon as we move on to the next stage of planning the park.

Some headline data from the survey:

  • 1970 responses
  • A large majority of respondents said they were under 18
  • 54% of resopndents said they are from Eastbourne, with a significant number of the remainder stating they're from nearby areas
  • The most important elements people want to see are boxes and bowls

You can download a full report of the survey here.